If this does not do anything to lessen the danger of a situation, or if this is not possible, the next means to work with verbal self-defense is to talk to your attacker. You do not, nevertheless, want to incite him additionally by vocally assaulting him, since this merely acts to place you in additional potential danger. Instead, speak smoothly, and allow him to know that you're human. 

Here, some primary psychology classes will come in handy. Discover what the attacker wants -- what the goal of the attack is -- and you may be able to quickly determine what to talk about, if anything, to prevent an attack. Learn other techniques at http://strikeandsmash.soup.io and  http://martialartfolly.wordpress.com. You will be glad you did. 

I am a  fan of the ninja... especially in the 80's when the American Ninja movies came out. I even went out and got the gear and the whole uniform. But now it seems like they (the media) made the ninja into a joke. The ninja use to be hired killers. Their techniques were shrouded in mystery and mystic. So what happened? Was it the Ninja Turtles? Or was it all the so called teachers of ninjitsu who did this?

I would agree that there were some unscrupulous instructors who used the ninja craze for their own profits but I think like so many other things they became so well known that the ninja mystic just faded away when the media used them to their advantage!

So what can we say to all of this? Not much. That is just how things work themselves out! 



Usually I do not like to brag or show off my martial art TKD skills but lately my friends have been coming over to my house and asking about my belts and if they could see them. So I have to go into my bedroom and open my dresser and pull them all out.... which is becoming a bit of a pain. So I decided to order a belt display from this company http://www.karatebeltholders.com/displays/belt-displays/. It is not too expensive only around $25. Then hopefully everyone will stop bugging me about seeing my belts. I have been training for over 5 years and I know I am good but do not like to show off really.

A few ways you can develop strong, fast and powerful kicks in Taekwondo
When I was younger I wanted to be able to do all those high flying kicks you see on TV. Guys doing backflip kicks and jumping above peoples heads and then executing a good sidekick.

Now that I am a bit older and wiser I look at those techniques and appreciate them but in a different way. I see all the training and persitance it took to get those kicks the way they are.

It can take years of practice and training to get the kick not only high but performed correctly with power.